Tire Pressure Monitor System Tpms With Internal Sensors (4Pcs Sensor)

Tire Pressure Monitor System Tpms With Internal Sensors (4Pcs Sensor)
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Product Details

  • Item TypeAlarm Systems & Security
  • Item Weight1Kg
  • Item Width250Mm
  • Brand NameLeespring
  • Voltage12V
  • External Testing CertificationCe
  • Item Height70Mm
  • Special FeaturesTpms Automatically Monitor The Tire Pressure And Temperature
  • Model NameYt-T6I
  • Item Length280Mm
  • Material TypeAbs
  • Item TypeAlarm Systems & Security

Product Description

Tire Pressure Monitor System TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System),TPMS automatically monitor the tire pressure and temperature,voltage of transmitter sensor in real time,and transmit data to the receiver during diving.When any tire\\'s pressureand /or tempeerature,or battery of transmitter sensor is abnormal,the system will,in real-time,transmitsignals to active an alarm and show a digital figure to warn teh driver of a problem >>It has the following features: 1.Show pressure and temperature of 4 tires in real time. 2.Monitor variation of tire pressure and temperature 3.Pressure units switch among Kpa,bar,psi. temeperature units switch between C,F 4.set high or low alarm pressure 5.wheel position interchange 6.Both buzzer ringing and screen flashing for alarm >>Product composition * Receiver: 1pcs * TPMS sensor:4pcs
Tire Pressure Monitor System Tpms With Internal Sensors (4Pcs Sensor)

>>Working environment and operating condition Receiver: * Working temperature:-20C-70C * Storage temperature:-20C-80C * Working voltage:12V TPMS sensor: * Working temperature:-40C-125C(External type)/-20-80C(internal type) * Storage temperature:-40C-125C(External type)/-20-105C(internal type) >>System function 1. Show pressure and temperature in real time under normal opreation,TPMS receiver shows pressure and temperature of each tire 2. Low Pressure alarm Threshold pressure:tire pressure 3. Hight pressure alarm Threshold pressure:tire pressure>=setting pressure value(default value3.2bar)Alarm method:Tire pressure value twinkles System alarm icon constantly lights.Buzzer rings"bibi" for 10 times.. 4.High temperature alarm Threshold temperature:tire temperature>=75C Alarm method:buzzer rings"bi"for 10 times,frame of temperature value twinkles,System alarm icon lights. 5.Rapid Leakage alarm Threshold rate of pressure:Rate of pressure descents more than 0.6 bar/min Alarm method:Tire pressure value twinkles.system alarm icon constantly lights.Buzzer ring"bi" or 10 times 6.Sensors Low battery alarm Alarm condition:sensor low battery. Alarm method:both low battery icon and system alarm icon constantly light,Buzzer rings"bi" for 10 times 7.No signal of sensor alarm Threshold time:Car speed exceeds 24km/h,and no signal receiving from sensors for 10 minutes Alarm method:both system alarm icon and no signal icon constantly light,Buzzer rings"bi"
Tire Pressure Monitor System Tpms With Internal Sensors (4Pcs Sensor)

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