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Tkdmr 0-330V Smart-Fit Manual Adjustment Voltage Tv Led Backlight Tester Current Adjustable Constant Current Board Led Lamp Bead

Tkdmr 0-330V Smart-Fit Manual Adjustment Voltage Tv Led Backlight Tester Current Adjustable Constant Current Board Led Lamp Bead
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Product Details
  • Accuracy Class0.1
  • Power SupplyAc
  • Display TypeDigital Only
  • Model NumberTd3H
  • Brand NameTkdmr
  • Dimensions80*52
  • Diy SuppliesElectrical
  • Operating Temperature-20-55
  • Measuring Range0-330V
  • Input VoltageAc85-265V
Product Description
LED TV backlight & constant current board (KT4H) is a high grade test and maintenance tool with three utility model patents.
This product has a powerful function: 1.Test any LED back-light strip and LED bead, 2. Test constant current board 3. Test voltages of multiple components.
This product uses AC-DC isolation Switching Mode Power Supply and a series of automatic intelligence to control the circuit, LED double table digital display ,safe and convenient.

The tester has adjustable current with loads,Default factory setting:output voltage 330V,output current 50mA

Plug in power,turn the power switch on,the tester is ready after the voltage rise to 330V and keep steady. You can test any size single LED bead, strip at default settings. If you need testing a single LED bead with unkown polarity, set the voltage to around 20V for safety (be safe as well if get the wrong polarity). And also you can turn to 1mA with the red switch if it is hurt your eyes.

Product characteristics:
1. Manually stepless preconditioned open circuit voltage (20-330VDC). When testing, the intelligent fully adaptable to the LED light source voltage, and no need to adjust!
2. When the output voltage is preset 20V or below, using 1mA gear current to off-line test a variety of IC power supply voltage parameters ,to see if the good or bad of IC. when test the single lamp it never burn the lamp.
3. The maximum short-circuit current limit (20-150mA) can be adjusted manually, and the current is fully automatic.
4. No matter whether the high voltage or the low voltage, the lamp bar can be ultra bright safely.
5. Specially when added 1mA precision wide voltage (0-330V) constant current source output, it can develop various ingenious applications. Such as diode, voltage regulator, triode, MOS tube and other positive and reverse voltages,
and the capacitance under330V, voltage sensitive resistance, TVS transient diode and other voltages or breakdown voltages.
6. Test the constant current board, if the TV only has one group of lights, you can directly test the good or bad of the constant current board, to make sure if the problem is backlight or the constant current board.
MULTIPURPOSE TESTER for LED TV Backlight & Constant Current Driver Board Product model: TD3H
Vin: AC 85-265V
Vout: DC 0-330V (Automatic + Adjustable)
Voltmeter Accuracy: < (± 0.5 ± 1%Vout) V
Iout: 0-150mA (Automatic + Adjustable)
Constant Current Board Testing Current: 0-999mA
Ammeter Accuracy:
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