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Type Hx3228 Patch Plug-In Player Radio Electronic Production Training Diy Kit / Parts

Type Hx3228 Patch Plug-In Player Radio Electronic Production Training Diy Kit / Parts
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  • Model NumberHx3228
Product Description
HX3228 typePatch plug-in player radioElectronic production training DIY Kit / parts
Outline dimension:10.8*7*3.2cm
The card player radio production suite most components for SMD components, SMD components welding training.Each manufacturer is equipped with a printed material: (product description, component list, patch components schematic). Kit introduction:One point oneThe player controls the use of CB1090, strong function. With high quality USB (AUDIO card), the direct use of USB data cable to connect the computer to play songs, while adjusting the next track, volume addition and subtraction; upload send (TF Card high-speed read and write) function; a variety of functions can be connected to a variety of specifications, such as radio show; two Line in input switching, no POPO sound; support FM MP3. The remote operation (the remote controller and the receiver is optional).
One point twoRDA5807PF FM radio IC. has high sensitivity, low noise, strong anti-interference ability, small volume, very few external components (the SSOP16 package), the use of very simple. 76-108MHz global FM band compatible. I2C serial data bus interface communication, support external reference clock input mode. Fully integrated COMS process chip integrated circuit, the power consumption is very small. Built in high precision A/D (analog to digital converter) and digital frequency synthesizer. Built in LDO adjustment, low power consumption, ultra wide voltage range of use (2.7-5.5VDC). Built in noise cancellation, soft mute, bass boost circuit design. High power 32 load audio output, direct headphone connection, no external audio driver amplifier. Simple application of low cost, high cost performance.
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