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Usb Linear Array Ccd Tcd1304,50Fps,integral 200Us-20Ms/10Us-1Ms

Usb Linear Array Ccd Tcd1304,50Fps,integral 200Us-20Ms/10Us-1Ms
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modname=ckeditor High resolution USB cable array CCD
• CCD chip: Toshiba TCD1304AP, pixel size of 8um×200um, pixel size of 3648, wavelength response range of 300nm ~ 1100nm.
• AD sampling rate: 187.5kHz.
• AD sampling depth: 16Bit.
• USB 2.0 interface, the USB interface chip used is FT245, and the highest communication rate is 1MByte.
• CCD drive and data sampling control circuit are completed by Cyclone fpga.
• the exposure time of the integral of CCD can be adjusted at the level of 100, and the duration of the two kinds of integral can be 200us-20ms or 10us-1ms. Please inform the seller in advance when purchasing, otherwise the CCD of the integral time of 200us-20ms will be sent by default.
• trigger mode is optional for internal trigger or external trigger software programming.
• the CCD output frame rate set when the internal trigger is 50 frames per second.
• the trigger frequency of external trigger can be set to any frequency between 1Hz and 20Hz as required.
• the image data of CCD can be input to the computer through USB on the one hand, and can also be displayed by oscilloscope or collected by other acquisition CARDS through synchronous analog output port on the other hand.
• synchronous trigger output port can synchronously output the internal clock signal when internally triggered or externally triggered signal, which can be used to trigger oscilloscope, and the signal is synchronized with the analog signal of CCD image. • the test software is written by Borland C++ Builder, and its source code will be sent to the customer along with the CCD circuit board. • in addition to providing BCB source routines, Visual C++ source routines are also included. Users can modify and make their own special software on this basis. If users need to use other software, such as VB, Delphi, or write the Labview, you can login FT245 supplier's official website ( to download the corresponding routines, customers can be embedded in the corresponding routines CCD data acquisition, CCD integral time and the internal and external trigger commands that can be for CCD based on writing your own software to control. • the model of this linear CCD(TCD1304) is the same as the linear CCD used in the HR4000 spectrum of ocean optics, and the driving circuit is basically very similar. Therefore, customers can fully use this CCD to develop spectrometers. • the external trigger function of this CCD can be used to capture the laser pulse with lower pulse repetition frequency. • scanning with this linear CCD can measure images with large light spots (>2cm) in diameter.
Usb Linear Array Ccd Tcd1304,50Fps,integral 200Us-20Ms/10Us-1Ms

High resolution USB cable array CCD
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