Wz-12 Lt1083Cp (Lm317 / Lt1086) Precision High-Current Adjustable Power Supply Pcb / Finished Board

Wz-12 Lt1083Cp (Lm317 / Lt1086) Precision High-Current Adjustable Power Supply Pcb / Finished Board

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Product Details

  • PhaseSingle Phase
  • Current TypeAc

Product Description

Finished maximum installation height of about 45mm, the main part of the LT1083 is pin high, such as the LT1083 cut short some pins or stickers floor installation, maximum installation height can be reduced to about 30mm. Our finished plate is filled with LT1083CP (Used) Performance and power consumption from the regulator, it is recommended slightly larger than the desired output DC input AC can be. For example, the need DC9V available AC10-12V into (please noted that freedom to play with the swing change). Special instructions for the novice, this place is to increase the AC input transformer can not be directly mains! ! ! ! Finished board before the issue was raised about DC5V, please adjust yourself to yourself after you receive the required voltage. Note: The output voltage Uo = [(VR / R) +1] x1.25V. 1, independently adjustable DC1.5-35V precision power supply, can constitute two groups of PCB symmetrical or asymmetrical positive and negative positive and negative power supply (required transformer winding independent), require higher output capacitor voltage, please note. 2, for drive or other required filament tube amp with large current situation, can also be used in the pre-amp power supply, 7.5A output current capability is available even in some small power amplifier circuit (attention to the heat). Not all devices used in such a high current, but the device output current is sufficient, the source resistance is low. Even with the consumption of 100mA device also has a very good positive increase, abundant capacity, low frequency jumping ability significantly enhanced, for tube filament circuit, digital turntable, DAC and other portable devices 3, unique capacitor mounting position (can be installed within the diameter of the big electrolysis 35mm), can accommodate the vast majority of Japanese / European 2-pin / 3-pin / 4-pin / 5 pin capacitance. 4, rectifier can adapt to TO-220 or Motorola wheel tube, general IN4007 or IN5408 more to mention. 5, adjustable voltage regulator with a precision multi-turn resistance, leaving the resistance of the mounting position (from performance reasons we recommend using fixed resistors instead of the voltage regulator that you need). 6, considering that each client has a different purpose, low current place does not need cooling. So all unworthy finished plate radiator by the user according to their own needs to choose. The PCB thermal design to the board edge equipment, basic properly installed radiators. PCB component list: Resistance: 120Ωx1,5KΩ adjustable x1 Capacitance: 0.1uFx6,10uFx1,330uFx1,5600uFx1 1N4007x1 U820 fast recovery rectifier diode x4 LT1083CPx1 7.62mm pin pitch Terminal 2B x2 Gold-plated 2mm thick PCBx1 If you only want the empty borad ,please contact us .we will change the price . Package:1* finished board

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