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Zhi Mu-Common Anemarrhena Rhizome /dry Herbs Traditional Chinese Medicine Green Tea 500 G

Zhi Mu-Common Anemarrhena Rhizome /dry Herbs Traditional Chinese Medicine Green Tea 500 G

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Product Details

  • Item TypeHerbal
  • GradeGifted Class
  • Shelf Life24 Months
  • AgeNew
  • StyleLoose Tea
  • PackagingBag
  • VarietyOther
  • Weight (Kg)0.5
  • Brand NameBian-Stone

Product Description

"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": Zhimu

[Medicine] name altogether

[Phonetic] Zhi Mu


[Alias] garlic braids grass, sheep beard roots, to participate

[Source] product Liliaceae Zhimu Anemarrhena asphodeloides Bunge. The dried roots. Spring and autumn excavation, removal of fibrous roots and sediment, dried, commonly known as "Mao altogether"; or remove the skin and dried.

[Character] This product is long-shaped, slightly curved, slightly flat, occasionally branching, long 3 ~ 15cm, diameter of 0.8 ~ 1.5cm, one end of a pale yellow stems and leaves scars. Surface yellowish brown to brown, above a groove, with closely spaced annular sections, the festival dense remnants of yellow-brown leaf base, growing upward from both sides of the rhizome; ridge below and slightly wrinkled, and there are recesses or projections point-like root marks. Hard, easily broken, yellow-white section. Gas micro, taste slightly sweet, slightly bitter, chewing sticky tape.

(1) to take this product powder 2g, plus ethanol 10ml, shaken for 20 minutes, the supernatant 1ml, evaporated and the residue add 1 drop of sulfuric acid, previews yellow, following the change of red, purple violaceum, and finally was brown .

(2) to take this product powder 2g, plus ethanol 20ml, heated under reflux for 40 minutes, and the supernatant 10ml, hydrochloric acid 1ml, heated to reflux for 1 hour and concentrated to about 5ml, add water, 10ml, 20ml shaking extraction with benzene, the extract evaporated and the residue benzene 2ml dissolve, as the test solution. Another sarsasapogenine reference substance, benzene produced per 1ml 5mg solution, as the reference solution. Thin layer chromatography (Appendix VI B) test, to learn the two solutions 7μl, point in the same silica gel G plate with benzene - acetone (9: 1) as the agent, started out, dried , sprayed with vanillin 8% ethanol solution and the sulfuric acid solution (7 → 10) of a mixture (0.5: 5), heated at 100 degrees to spot the color clear. Test products for chromatography, chromatography with reference substance corresponding position, was the same color spots.

[Content determination] to take this product powder (over sieve III) of about 1g [while other goods from the powder determination of moisture (Appendix IX H first method)], accurately weighed, set conical flask, precision plus ethanol 25ml, said the weight, soaked overnight, ultrasound for 40 minutes, let cool, then said that given the weight of ethanol to make up the weight loss, shaking, filtration, the precise amount of filtrate 10ml, hydrochloric acid 1ml, slowly on a water bath with steam reflux for 1 hour, allowed to cool, poured into a small beaker, while shaking side dropping 40% sodium hydroxide solution to neutral (by the orange color of the solution mutation orange), washed with ethanol container, lotion incorporated into the beaker. Move with ethanol 50ml volumetric flask, and dilute to the mark, shake, filtration, the precise amount of filtrate 10ml evaporating dish, evaporated and the residue was dissolved with benzene, transferred to a 2ml volumetric flask and dilute to the mark , shake, as the test solution. Another sarsasapogenine reference standard amount, accurately weighed, add benzene produced per 1ml 0.5mg containing solution as the reference solution. Thin layer chromatography (Appendix VI B) test, precision absorb the test solution 4μl, reference solution 2μl and 6μl, respectively, cross at the same point of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose as a binder of silica gel G plate, benzene - acetone (9: 1) as the agent, exhibition to 7cm, removed, dried, and then expand the same agent twice to start out, dried, sprayed with chromogenic reagent [a fluid: water 25ml, slow sulfuric acid 50ml, after cooling, plus ethanol 25ml, shake; solution B: 8% ethanol solution of vanillin. The solution A and 5 parts of liquid B were mixed 1] After heating for 7 to 10 when used at 70 degrees

Minutes to a clear spot color, remove the TLC plate to cover the same size glass around fixed with adhesive tape, thin layer chromatography (Appendix VI B TLC scanning method) to scan the wavelength λS = 443nm, measured the test absorbance integral value with the reference substance absorption integral value calculation, that is, too.

This product calculated on dry goods, including sarsasapogenine (C27H44O3) not less than 1.0%.

[Cooked] altogether: to remove impurities, washed, run through, cut into thick slices, dried to dander.

Saline: Take tablets altogether, according brine Sunburn Act (Appendix II D) fry dry (100 pounds of salt per half kilogram with water of the open 2). The product according to the [determination] under the above method, comprising sarsasapogenine (C27H44O3) not less than 0.90%.

[Taste bitter] sweet, cold.

[Go through the lung, stomach, kidney.

[Indications] heat purging fire, moistening fluid. For exogenous fever, high fever, thirst, Hyperactivity dry cough, Gu Zheng hot flashes, heat diabetes, intestinal dry constipation.

Dosage 6 ~ 12g.

[Note] Spleen loose stools should not.

[Storage] home dry air, moisture.

(1) for febrile disease, fever irritability, thirst, excess heat pulse loud and other lung and stomach disease and Hyperactivity cough, phlegm yellow and thick. Zhimu bitter cold, can Qingfei heat, the energy in the Qing Wei Huo, it applies to lung and stomach excess heat illness. This product is often used with gypsum and can enhance the effect of gypsum heat purging fire.

(2) for Yin fever, coughing and Diabetes embolism. Zhimu can Xiefei fire and ney, so not only can clear excess heat, and can Qingxudong heat. More with the same cork used in clinical practice, with the yin drugs, such as ZDP, cure wang, Gu Zheng hot flashes embolism. This product is equipped Yin lungs and drugs such as Radix, fritillary and other products can be used for lung deficiency dry cough; heat fluid with drugs such as TCS, Radix, powder Pueraria products, can cure diabetes.

(3) altogether taste bitter cold but not dry, the energy lung, can cool in the stomach, diarrhea kidney can under fire. Together with the skullcap, the Xiefei fire; with gypsum, then Qingwei heat; with cork, then diarrhea kidney fire. Altogether clear both real hot, Hot retreat, but it is Yin Sheng Jin effect is weak, for deficiency heat, dry cough and lung deficiency Diabetes embolism shall yin and drug compatibility before they can play its role. This product can moistening Hua Chang, so the spleen, loose stools should not be used.

[Excerpt] "Chinese Pharmacopoeia"

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